Omaha Family Photographers

Omaha Family Photographers

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a professional shutterbug. If you've ever tried to self-time a picture and barely made it into the frame, you know precisely what we're talking about. If you don't, here are five reasons why it's a brilliant idea to enlist the services of experienced Omaha family photographers:

1. Experience

Omaha family photographers who've been around as long as we have are well schooled in the art of photography. Equipment settings will come as second nature, and they will be able to adjust for lighting and other variables on the fly. An amateur photographer may have the best of intentions but wind up fumbling through a camera user manual at the last moment. When it comes to snapping photos with kids, timing is of the essence, so you certainly don't want to miss a great shot just because the photographer is inexperienced.

2. Lighting

One key to successful photography is the lighting. Not enough, and your photos will turn out dark and muddy. Too much light, and you're asking for overexposure. Professional Omaha family photographers know how to make adjustments for light and other factors that can affect a photo session. Knowing the camera is an imperative. Knowing how to make quick and accurate camera adjustments is equally as important.

3. Lens options

Professional Omaha family photographers typically have a lot more lenses than your smartphone ever will. They will also have the foresight to know which lenses to bring to your photo session. Advanced lens focusing techniques can make or break your photographs. Artistic effects achieved via lens selection is another excellent reason to call upon a pro the next time you want to sit for a family photograph.

4. Backdrop, settings and props

If you're hoping for a perfect family portrait, there's more involved than merely smiling at the camera and saying, “Cheese.” A pro photographer in Omaha will have access to more props and drops than you ever dreamed of. Hire your well-meaning friend, and they may show up with a phone camera and a bed sheet. Hire an experienced Omaha family photographer, and you're sure to wind up with a far more professional picture.

5. Editing ability

As a rule, a pro photographer will own editing software that allows them to retouch when necessary to bring out the best in your family photographs. If you ever tried to Photoshop your own images, you know what a hassle it can be. Instead, let a pro Omaha family photographer make quick work of a tiresome task. Your framed family pics will be the proverbial proof of the pudding.

Founded in 1984 by Steve and Joan Kowalski, A Better Exposure looks for the “wow moment” that makes a photograph eternal. In addition to family photography, A Better Exposure does wedding photos, reunion pics and photographic images of every special occasion. When you're ready to talk to one of the friendliest Omaha family photographers around, please call or send a text message to (402) 453-6000. If email is better for you, send your query to

Omaha Family Photographers
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Omaha Family Photographers Omaha Family Photographers Omaha Family Photographers

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