Omaha Photographers

Omaha Photographers

At A Better Exposure, we understand that you can take your pick of Omaha photographers. Thumb through the Yellow Pages, or do a Yelp search, and you're sure to come across dozens of outfits that will take pictures for you. The trick is to find a photographer with a particular sort of knack for capturing a moment in time, whether on film or digitally.

Joan and Steve Kowalski fell in love with photography -and each other- a very long time ago. In 1984, the couple combined their mutual creativity and passion for photography into a company they named A Better Exposure. Today, the company boasts an extraordinary reputation as one of the best Omaha photography outfits around. A Better Exposure specializes in wedding pics, senior portraits, family photographs and pic-taking for high-profile commercial clients.

A Better Exposure employs a team of talent that can memorialize your product or event with precision and good taste. Here one finds photographers and graphic artists that are passionate about what they do. Because we love our work so much, we do our best every time a person or enterprise hires us to be their Omaha photographers.

Senior photography

If this is your kid's last year in school, don't rely on their high school yearbook to provide a high-quality image. Instead, memorialize your child's final days of youth with a professional photo shoot. Choose your backdrop, or come to our studio where can will help your teen relax and have fun while we snap pics that will last a lifetime.

Family portraits

Kids grow up so fast; you may forget how little they once were. Start a fun family tradition when you visit A Better Exposure for a professional family portrait every year. Bring the kids, bring the pets and put on your prettiest smile for a picture that will save a precious moment in time that you can enjoy again and again for the rest of your life.

Pet photography

Yes, some people find it fun to display amusing portraits of their pets. We think it's a delightful notion. A Better Exposure can come to your location to interact with your friendly pet while snapping pics that will put them in their best light. Dogs, cats, hamsters –whatever you've got, we can memorialize on film or a digital disk.

Wedding photography

Wedding pics are some of our favorites. We love being part of special days where A Better Exposure shutterbugs can snap as many pics as you like. Hire us, and we're sure to deliver an assortment of images that you're bound to enjoy. We have a way with pictures that are sometimes unexpected but always appreciated.

Commercial photography

If you've got a product or service to promote, or if you wish to publicize your company, you'll want the best images you can afford. A Better Exposure does all sorts of commercial photography, from products to food to formal employee portraits. If you need professional Omaha photographers for any reason, please call or text (402) 453-6000 right away.

Omaha Photographers
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Omaha Photographers Omaha Photographers Omaha Photographers

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